Counselling the victims of domestic violence together with their perpetrators

Most Individuals that have somehow not seen the beauty and glamour of December 2022 together as married couples will somehow find themselves in the reconciliation tables before the year bows. Maybe the family wants them reconciled… Maybe one party wants reconciliation… Maybe they both want to reconcile in their own ways… Maybe some church leaders … Read more


For quite a while I have been asked to even share on how I contributed to the breaking of my marriage. Quite a huge task right? The period of separation even before divorce is a good  time for self reflection, engaging in  introspection,  touching, feeling and calling out one’s contribution towards a broken marriage. Pointing … Read more

My Fear of Abandonment

I’ve been running away from this topic and it keeps pursuing me, so am in a halt and facing it right in the eye😊 In all my relationships,  eeh kwani how many have they been! OK even with my girlfriends I have been extremely clingy and attached, like I attach deeeeeeply. I can pimia pimia … Read more


Recently I was telling my friend that marriage is a safe hiding place. More so when it was your refuge. It can still be comfortable even when you’re being abused, because in your head, the bigger part of your life is being taken care of; it’s your city of refuge and identifier. Do I need … Read more

Forgive YOU

Sometimes back the word “Forgiveness” was such a bad trigger. I’d hear it and change routes or even give my version and stand by it. And overtime my version of forgiveness has changed depending on the nature of how I/ they acted, what I/they said and even what I/ they didn’t do. Am happy that … Read more