Forgive YOU

Sometimes back the word “Forgiveness” was such a bad trigger. I’d hear it and change routes or even give my version and stand by it. And overtime my version of forgiveness has changed depending on the nature of how I/ they acted, what I/they said and even what I/ they didn’t do. Am happy that … Read more

Grief After Separation and Divorce (Part 2)

After writing on grief after Separation/divorce, one of my favorite brothers got worried and called to check if am OK and then he asks “why do you write like that..?” 🤔… I shared raw grief because when interacting with victims & survivors of domestic violence, I still hear a lot of pain attached to the … Read more

Grief After Separation and Divorce (Part 1)

I just thought about grief after divorce/separation today. Two days ago, I asked my friend to talk to some people on my behalf because I just didn’t feel like talking. Later in the evening I whispered in her inbox  “I dug out files sent to my ex-husband and am so sad and angry, I can’t … Read more

Domestic Violence and The Church

My name is Emily Omondi. A member of the body of Christ. A woman who went through abuse and has been creating awareness on matters domestic violence by sharing my experiences and lessons learnt. As I write this am a submitted representative of the church. I have been reading different rants/opinions/ advice/ mockeries…..and all that has … Read more

Leave and Live (Part 2)

I have been skirting around this subject; “counseling the couple who’ve gone through abuse” To a huge extent it scares me but again is there comfort in caressing fear? Am still so disturbed by the sudden deaths happening in homes with couples prior to their deaths displaying such extensive love worth being jealous of!  Aren’t these … Read more

Leave and Live (Part 1)

I have to confess, writing about domestic violence as a Christian is the most daring thing I’ve done in my life. Sometimes I hung up my boots but again the master sends me back to the fields and so I’ll tarry some more and wade through the repercussions. The story of the late Mueni suspected … Read more

Discipling Children After Domestic Violence

I have been thinking how Christians who have gone through domestic violence are handling their children’s spiritual lives🤔. Are we still able to sell our God to them? I am not a very patient mother but my daughter has given me no option. So I have had to enjoy engaging them in devotions. Like talking … Read more

In the desert of Beersheba…

There lies a wailing boy, and there 100 miles away, hides a mother too scared to watch her son die on her. No water… No food… No family… No relations.. Earlier the son’s father had given them some food and a container of water. They had their whole life ahead of them, the desert had … Read more