Self Doubt

I had a very beautiful weekend. At around 6am on Monday Vivi sends me a text “Em, how are you?” And I say “I am free I feel uncaged”. Come 8am till 10am I had already allowed myself to sip in toxins and also poured out toxins, am now taking breaks to visit the washroom … Read more

God Wants You Just Like That

There are hurts and pains unless you touch them you won’t feel them. Sometimes you can touch them but don’t feel them because you’ve also blocked that part, or maybe you’re immune to its venom. This reminds me about the Lion Guard Series where Bonga, his name was that right? at my age I do … Read more

Hiding Behind Religion To Excuse Abuse

For victims of abuse who are in denial, excusing abuse can be as simple as “I am praying for my husband to be born again, he sleeps with other women because he doesn’t know better….. Victim: You know my husband beats me up because he’s not born again. He’s not walking in light so that’s … Read more

God The Father

In the journey of familiarising myself with Him as God, (relating to Him as God,) by design He slipped in God the Father card. I won’t say I liked it. I hadn’t paid much attention or even loved conversations on God being the father till I joined a mission school @ 3 months ago.  … Read more

Counselling the victims of domestic violence together with their perpetrators

Most Individuals that have somehow not seen the beauty and glamour of December 2022 together as married couples will somehow find themselves in the reconciliation tables before the year bows. Maybe the family wants them reconciled… Maybe one party wants reconciliation… Maybe they both want to reconcile in their own ways… Maybe some church leaders … Read more


For quite a while I have been asked to even share on how I contributed to the breaking of my marriage. Quite a huge task right? The period of separation even before divorce is a good  time for self reflection, engaging in  introspection,  touching, feeling and calling out one’s contribution towards a broken marriage. Pointing … Read more