My Healing From Traumas Of Domestic Abuse

Every survivor of domestic abuse – emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, sexual… struggles to heal from other traumas gathered apart from the abuse itself. Mine have been; Cooking/kitchen/food –  Am in a better space Gym – I scroll very fast when I see a picture of a gym Calm bornagain men 😊 – I sit at … Read more


Sometimes am aloof, sometimes am warm, sometimes niko tu(am just there). Sometimes am bubbling with laughter. How’s your healing journey so far? Sometimes am not picking calls from the persons I know, sometimes am not responding to their messages and sometimes am just saying yes and no. Ironically those times you’ll find me in a … Read more

Self Still

I love Christmas season alot but not more than I do Easter holidays. The latter speaks reconciliation to me, am the type that would be needing to be reconciled to christ daily and again there should be such reminders popping from all sides, alot of times I also do need to be reconciled to self, … Read more

The Titles We Love

Few years back, a friend would call me Mrs…aah let’s say Mrs. Mathayo and I’d be grinning and feeling like am floating or something. Yeah I would be so thrilled, before we dive into our chitchats I’d be laughing for the first two minutes as I say things like “haki wewe prophetess, haki wewe unakuanga … Read more