Forgiving Self

Back in high school I had a mathematics book nicely covered by a plastic wrap, underneath was a magazine. The latter had a nice drawing of a well-rounded lady with a huge round load on her head. But the mama was beautiful in every African aspect; I wonder how it got to be on this … Read more


It is noble and highly expected of humans to keep their shits together. Not wash their dirty linen in public and smile for the camera. Am reminded of the movie Madagascar, the leader of the penguins telling his troop, “just smile and wave, smile and wave” (input black American accent) So we learn to infuse … Read more


I confess I have been a prisoner to this statement for many years. I have not written for some time now as a result of the same statement, like I haven’t even journaled privately, it’s like this same statement became a being; such that it even holds my pen, it makes my hands tremble, my … Read more

“But he took me in with a child” (part 2)

In the happenstance that a woman having enrolled into the marriage institution because of various reasons but what holds water for her is “He is marrying me with a child or children”, then it’s a circumstantial marriage- her circumstance has contributed to her signing into the covenant of marriage. Due to the shame the society … Read more

But he took me in with a child…(Part 1)

I just saw a deformed face of a woman having been battered up by the man she called her husband, and she’s still willing to stay because of the above mentioned subject: He took me in with the children. It has pained my heart. Coming from a place where children born out of wedlock are … Read more


In the recent times, I’ve come across the above statement or is it a lament, mostly from ladies stuck in marriages or situations that are more hurtful to them than being an orphan. I do not refute the fact that it’s painful to be an orphan more so when you come from a poor background. … Read more