Cover them and shut up!

So this morning my daughter decides not to give a damn and displays herself in such a state of “its up to you; what you do with this scene”. The brother notices and is already in a laughing spree, “Mummy ona Ella” The brother has such a laughter sandwiched with mockery and wit, the one that never ends, the more the victim would feel bad the more he’d adjust the volume. Maybe he got it from my small bro, he has a PHD in such.

It suddenly sunk on me how the sister would be feeling if she’d realize she’s the subject.

“Cover her and keep quiet!” Sternly I warned.

Then the story of the 3 brothers Shem, Japheth and Ham vividly unfolded in my mind. I couldn’t help but feel the debilitating shame their father, Mr. Noah must have felt after he realized what the third mentioned son did instead of covering his nakedness.

We all have scenes that we would never want played ever in our lifetime. Let them talk and laugh after we’re gone but not now. I hear that when people go to heaven there will be videos of how we lived our lives on earth, I refuse to believe this tea, nah I won’t drink it. I can bet that day people would prefer the longer tea yaani “chai refu” to the thick one aka chai fupi.

But, we know there’s no shame or embarrassing moments in heaven but worship upon worship.

Life has happened to us in different angles, some us have gotten children out of wedlock, some aborted, some have struggled with pornography, erectile dysfunction, some are struggling with infertility/ impotence, some of our children are lost in drugs, some have babies and still counting in our parents’ home, separation and divorces are happening. Some are on ARVs, yes you might say AIDS is like any other illness, it has not hit home yet. Life is still happening. It’s raining everywhere but not simultaneously, when it ain’t falling in your environment hold the umbrella for the other. Cover them.

You see its juicier to discuss other people’s tea, how it didn’t boil to the maximum temperature, or maybe the heat was not lowered at the right time, or maybe milk wasn’t enough and it’s a bit refu, ama majani haikutosha, or maybe they’d have used Eden or Ketepa tea.

Cover them.

We’ve all found ourselves enjoying other human’s teas, if you’re very holy, myself I have enjoyed and even shredded the teabag to make it more concentrated. And I repent.

When my tea was served, every limb in me had no urge to be in motion. I was jelly and fragile.

To expose another person’s nakedness is to be in the same team with the enemy. Being his mtu wa mkono (Being the devil’s hand man) in living his purpose of stealing, killing and destroying people’s self-esteem, dreams, abilities, purposes…….

It can only be our story to tell when they’re comfortable talking about the nakedness and victories that came with it.

Genesis 9:23

But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father’s naked body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father naked.

~ Emily Omondi

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