I confess I have been a prisoner to this statement for many years. I have not written for some time now as a result of the same statement, like I haven’t even journaled privately, it’s like this same statement became a being; such that it even holds my pen, it makes my hands tremble, my … Read more

“But he took me in with a child” (part 2)

In the happenstance that a woman having enrolled into the marriage institution because of various reasons but what holds water for her is “He is marrying me with a child or children”, then it’s a circumstantial marriage- her circumstance has contributed to her signing into the covenant of marriage. Due to the shame the society … Read more

But he took me in with a child…(Part 1)

I just saw a deformed face of a woman having been battered up by the man she called her husband, and she’s still willing to stay because of the above mentioned subject: He took me in with the children. It has pained my heart. Coming from a place where children born out of wedlock are … Read more


In the recent times, I’ve come across the above statement or is it a lament, mostly from ladies stuck in marriages or situations that are more hurtful to them than being an orphan. I do not refute the fact that it’s painful to be an orphan more so when you come from a poor background. … Read more