… Still on Hannah and Penninah story,

I love the lessons am encountering in the story of these cowives, I wonder why Elkana married Peninah if he loved Hannah so much. Mbu “Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons! eeeh” The other house was full but with a morsel of love if any,Hannah’s was “nyumba small” but dripping with love. Now am digressing into dysfunctions.

But I notice that the place of surrender is personal, even her husband couldn’t drive her to that place. Intimate relationship with God drove her there and she left it all at His feet.

I can’t help but imagine what was going on in Hannah’s mind after she started living -she was no longer worshipping her situation, she had left it at the feet of Yahwe ;the place of surrender.

How was she reacting to the jeers of Peninah?

What was the condition of her heart, whenever the other damsel would parade her babies as they danced in circles and their laughter would be coming from their bellies,one son would be bringing in game meat as a daughter kneaded bread, and they’d still sing and dance in unison as they made their sumptuous meals surrounded with many eaters. And I know they were their mother’s children, their tunes didn’t change either.

Maybe am overthinking, I learnt that melanchols overanalyses things.

How was that damsel’s heart condition? Yaani Hannah. Since, out of the heart spring forth issues of life. She must have chosen to guard her heart.

What am learning…

When one is at the place of surrender every issue, every word, and every thought that revolves around that situation has no life and we no longer give it ground for growth because it’s now at the feet of Jesus.

One of the humiliating words Peninnah  must have told Hannah must have been “You’re not a woman since you got no child” I have heard this statement in our society. Now at a place of surrender, Hannah didn’t need to go to the mirror to remind herself that she was a woman, or she didn’t have to cry and ask her husband to make her feel like one, NO. She now knew she had been and was one.

She took away the voice she had given the enemy earlier.

Her rest had come already and she embraced in before it manifested.

You don’t have to ask yourself if you were cursed to go through that situation because they said so.

You don’t have aid the enemy affirm their words NO dear, affirm yourself with His word not theirs.

What does the Lord say about you?

You don’t have to give that illness, that condition that season a voice to aid the enemy in depressing you.

You don’t need to be a coworker with the enemy to bring you down, you’re a coworker with christ, speak life to every dead situation in your life the enemy’s jeers notwithstanding.

The place of surrender is the place of faith, you believe it is done and wait for manifestation.

It is a place of saying, Lord you have done it.

It is a place of reminding God, daddy remember your promise, remember what you said baba, ( Remind him His word)when the condition mocks, undresses and announces to the world that you’re defeated.

To surrender is the hardest of things when you’re a fixer like me, but walking in obedience won’t hurt. Loosen your grip from that situation, that grudge, that bitterness, that anger, that pain…

This message was mine, but we can share it..

~Emily Omondi


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