It is noble and highly expected of humans to keep their shits together. Not wash their dirty linen in public and smile for the camera. Am reminded of the movie Madagascar, the leader of the penguins telling his troop, “just smile and wave, smile and wave” (input black American accent) So we learn to infuse […]


    I confess I have been a prisoner to this statement for many years. I have not written for some time now as a result of the same statement, like I haven’t even journaled privately, it’s like this same statement became a being; such that it even holds my pen, it makes my hands tremble, my […]

  • “But he took me in with a child” (part 2)

    In the happenstance that a woman having enrolled into the marriage institution because of various reasons but what holds water for her is “He is marrying me with a child or children”, then it’s a circumstantial marriage- her circumstance has contributed to her signing into the covenant of marriage. Due to the shame the society […]

  • But he took me in with a child…(Part 1)

    I just saw a deformed face of a woman having been battered up by the man she called her husband, and she’s still willing to stay because of the above mentioned subject: He took me in with the children. It has pained my heart. Coming from a place where children born out of wedlock are […]


    In the recent times, I’ve come across the above statement or is it a lament, mostly from ladies stuck in marriages or situations that are more hurtful to them than being an orphan. I do not refute the fact that it’s painful to be an orphan more so when you come from a poor background. […]

About Me

My name is Emily Omondi. A mother of two children, a lover of God and I love interacting with words. I am an exceptional Customer Relations officer and administrative assistant. My background is Public Relations.

I am a survivor of domestic violence in my healing journey that I wish to share with my audience in this space. I am authentic and raw, I believe when it comes to whatever forms of abuse the world needs rawness and authenticity so that we will all join hands to fight the menaces instead of waiting at the fence.

Being a born again Christian, I still choose to write to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and even to our children in church and even to those who’re yet to get born gain. I choose to expose the effects of abuses that have made the believers unproductive in their ministries and yet they can’t talk about it. I choose to expose the effects of abuse on our children whom we’ve somehow put on hold as their parents hold onto the institution.

I chose to write to expose the truth about the effects of abuse on that working woman.

I choose to share the unshareable and unspeakable about domestic violence.

I believe in my heart that the Lord desires us to heal from whatever hurt we may have been exposed to or even the pains we led ourselves into. I believe in the redeeming love of Christ that goes deeper beyond the shame we may have to endure due to the decisions we make in life, the mistakes we can’t dare forgive ourselves.

I believe in the Lord who’s able to strip us off every burden that has weighed us and then He starts to dress us layer by layer by His own chosen attires.

I believe in Healing even after going through the worst of pains.

I believe we all have something we want the Lord to strip off from our lives and dress us with that He has always wanted to be adorned in.

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras

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