April this year as I prayed, I heard “Pray for the church” I tried opening my mouth to say something but I couldn’t instead I broke down and cried bitterly, I felt so much pain, I felt such a deep wound in my heart. That night I wept, I didn’t know I had carried so […]

  • My Fear of Abandonment

    I’ve been running away from this topic and it keeps pursuing me, so am in a halt and facing it right in the eye😊 In all my relationships,  eeh kwani how many have they been! OK even with my girlfriends I have been extremely clingy and attached, like I attach deeeeeeply. I can pimia pimia […]


    Recently I was telling my friend that marriage is a safe hiding place. More so when it was your refuge. It can still be comfortable even when you’re being abused, because in your head, the bigger part of your life is being taken care of; it’s your city of refuge and identifier. Do I need […]

  • Mental Instability for Moms Affected by Domestic Violence

    I am mentally unstable to mother my children.. I am struggling to mother my children .. I am feeling inadequate .. I feel like am not a good mother to my children .. I want to take them back to their dad.. I also want to go back to him…. These are the sentiments I […]

  • Financial instability and victims of domestic violence.

    Financial instability is one of the reasons why victims of domestic violence fail to leave their marriages. Its a tough place to be in. This was my second month into separation, October 2020. Fruits and vegetable deliveries was my Weekend hustle I had started it same year in June. This same hustle triggered the physical […]

  • Forgive YOU

    Sometimes back the word “Forgiveness” was such a bad trigger. I’d hear it and change routes or even give my version and stand by it. And overtime my version of forgiveness has changed depending on the nature of how I/ they acted, what I/they said and even what I/ they didn’t do. Am happy that […]

About Me

My name is Emily Omondi. A mother of two children, a lover of God and I love interacting with words. I am an exceptional Customer Relations officer and administrative assistant. My background is Public Relations.

I am a survivor of domestic violence in my healing journey that I wish to share with my audience in this space. I am authentic and raw, I believe when it comes to whatever forms of abuse the world needs rawness and authenticity so that we will all join hands to fight the menaces instead of waiting at the fence.

Being a born again Christian, I still choose to write to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and even to our children in church and even to those who’re yet to get born gain. I choose to expose the effects of abuses that have made the believers unproductive in their ministries and yet they can’t talk about it. I choose to expose the effects of abuse on our children whom we’ve somehow put on hold as their parents hold onto the institution.

I chose to write to expose the truth about the effects of abuse on that working woman.

I choose to share the unshareable and unspeakable about domestic violence.

I believe in my heart that the Lord desires us to heal from whatever hurt we may have been exposed to or even the pains we led ourselves into. I believe in the redeeming love of Christ that goes deeper beyond the shame we may have to endure due to the decisions we make in life, the mistakes we can’t dare forgive ourselves.

I believe in the Lord who’s able to strip us off every burden that has weighed us and then He starts to dress us layer by layer by His own chosen attires.

I believe in Healing even after going through the worst of pains.

I believe we all have something we want the Lord to strip off from our lives and dress us with that He has always wanted to be adorned in.

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras

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