• God Wants You Just Like That

    There are hurts and pains unless you touch them you won’t feel them. Sometimes you can touch them but don’t feel them because you’ve also blocked that part, or maybe you’re immune to its venom. This reminds me about the Lion Guard Series where Bonga, his name was that right? at my age I do…


    Sometimes am aloof, sometimes am warm, sometimes niko tu(am just there). Sometimes am bubbling with laughter. How’s your healing journey so far? Sometimes am not picking calls from the persons I know, sometimes am not responding to their messages and sometimes am just saying yes and no. Ironically those times you’ll find me in a…

  • Self Still

    I love Christmas season alot but not more than I do Easter holidays. The latter speaks reconciliation to me, am the type that would be needing to be reconciled to christ daily and again there should be such reminders popping from all sides, alot of times I also do need to be reconciled to self,…

  • The Dangers of “Praying for a spouse to be born again”

    I write in the voice of a woman and not a man.  There are some of us  who just got married maybe there was a pregnancy, we went visiting tasting the forbidden things outside marriage and a thought crossed our minds ati what if we taste taste yaani onja onja  for just 3 days, then…

  • The Titles We Love

    Few years back, a friend would call me Mrs…aah let’s say Mrs. Mathayo and I’d be grinning and feeling like am floating or something. Yeah I would be so thrilled, before we dive into our chitchats I’d be laughing for the first two minutes as I say things like “haki wewe prophetess, haki wewe unakuanga…

  • The Aftermath of Domestic Violence on Children

    Sometimes last year in November as we had our usual intimate moments on a Sunday morning, my son pressed my hand a little firmer and told me “Mummy that night of the fight, kama singeenda kuita mama xxxx, (Mummy the night of the fight, if I wouldn’t have gone to call mum xxxx)you’d still be…

About Me

My name is Emily Omondi. A mother of two children, a lover of God and I love interacting with words. I am an exceptional Customer Relations officer and administrative assistant. My background is Public Relations.

I am a survivor of domestic violence in my healing journey that I wish to share with my audience in this space. I am authentic and raw, I believe when it comes to whatever forms of abuse the world needs rawness and authenticity so that we will all join hands to fight the menaces instead of waiting at the fence.

Being a born again Christian, I still choose to write to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and even to our children in church and even to those who’re yet to get born gain. I choose to expose the effects of abuses that have made the believers unproductive in their ministries and yet they can’t talk about it. I choose to expose the effects of abuse on our children whom we’ve somehow put on hold as their parents hold onto the institution.

I chose to write to expose the truth about the effects of abuse on that working woman.

I choose to share the unshareable and unspeakable about domestic violence.

I believe in my heart that the Lord desires us to heal from whatever hurt we may have been exposed to or even the pains we led ourselves into. I believe in the redeeming love of Christ that goes deeper beyond the shame we may have to endure due to the decisions we make in life, the mistakes we can’t dare forgive ourselves.

I believe in the Lord who’s able to strip us off every burden that has weighed us and then He starts to dress us layer by layer by His own chosen attires.

I believe in Healing even after going through the worst of pains.

I believe we all have something we want the Lord to strip off from our lives and dress us with that He has always wanted to be adorned in.

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras